Monday, July 17, 2017

WEEK 44 - La Merced, Peru 07/17/17

July 17, 2017 -  07/17/17


This week was great!  We have some really cool investigators that have sooooo much potential! For some reason, Hermana Rodriguez and I have been finding a ton of young guys to teach haha, not sure why.  This week, we got to teach our good friend Frank again. Frank is the awesome contact we had that had a ton of questions about the restoration. But now when we teach him, the guy does not talk!!  He is so quiet!!!  We asked him what he hoped from our visits and he said NOTHING. And because hermana Rodriguez and I are stubborn, neither did we haha. We sat in silence for like literally 15 minutes. I guess I am learning patience because I really wanted to talk SO bad. Then his drunk uncle came in and interrupted the silence. Anyways, he is super cool though and when he does choose to talk, he has really good question and lots of doubts. 

This week one of the great members here, Diana, opened up her mission call! She is going to Colombia medellin! We are happy because she's not leaving until November so she can keep coming with us to our appointments. 

This week we also taught our investigator Rosalia and she is pretty Baptist, but she is really interested in our message and has a lot of questions about the plan of salvation, and what happens after we die. The plan of salvation is so amazing and I love how it all just connects. The gospel is truly amazing and it can help us get through any trial we have. The atonement is  for everybody! and any situation! I know that Christ lives, and that He loves us, and that we have access to His infinite power. 

I love you all!

Hermana Jensen

Sorry no pics.  Wating for a new phone charger.  :(
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WEEK 43 - La Merced, Peru

July 10th, 2017


So sorry guys that it has been so long since I could email. They did not let me email for some reason last week because of the transfer, but whateverrr..  I had 35 emails to read this week haha so it has been a little overwhelming to read and go through them all. But I feel so grateful for how much support and love everyone has given me! 

Last week in Huanuco, Diego got baptized!  It was such an awesome experience, and cool just to see how much progress he had made and how sure he was about his decision to be baptized despite not a lot of support from his family. 

Monday I traveled to the famous Cerro de Pasco. It actually wasn't too cold, but my lungs felt a little weird and it was hard to breathe because of the altitude (14,000 ft). After that we traveled to Tarms, and then to La Merced!! This area is absolutely gorgeous.  My comp is hermana Rodriguez from Trujillo, Peru. She is super sweet and I feel really excited to be with her!  Our pension is super amazing but the offices have been kind of bugging us about changing because she lives far and we have to spend a lot to get there. But I don't want to change!  

This week, we had a couple of really cool experiences. We have gotten to know some amazing members and I really do feel a lot of love for them. People show their love through food here, so it probably means weight gain for me haha. We contacted this really awesome guy named Fran this week, and he is this young guy who is like 24 years old, and he just started asking a ton of questions, like "why are there so many churches?? &  How do I know which church is true??"  We just started talking about the restoration and it was just so awesome, because we could answer all of them!! Later we had another lesson with him, and he asked us about baptism, and we asked him if he would be willing to be baptized and he said yes!  We are going to keep working and praying for him, because we can tell there are a lot of things that have been tormenting him that he just doesn't feel quite ready to share with us yet.  

This week I wanted to share my testimony of the sacrament.  On Sunday, I was feeling really stressed out and kind of down, and just trying to figure out how I could use the atonement more in my life. When the sacrament got passed around and I took it, I felt a very strong peace come over me. I felt the Savior's love so much for me, and that He was going to be with me, helping me.   I know that the sacrament is important and when we partake of it, we have the marvelous opportunity to renew our covenants and are able to have the spirit with us always. It is an amazing gift and truly the reason that we go to church every week. 

I love you all so muchh!!

Love, Hermana Jensen

My new companion - hermana Rodriguez 

A view from our apartment of La Merced

back in Huanuco at Diego's baptism

Hermana Rodriguez and I

Week 42 - Transfer from Huanuco to La Merced

July 3rd, 2017

No letter this week because of transfers.   Here are a few pictures & a map off of the internet of La Merced, where Charlotte is serving.  Looks like a beautiful place!