Monday, February 13, 2017

WEEK 22 - Huancayo, Peru


I do not have time to write much because I feel like a million people wrote me this week and I am trying to respond to them all, but I am good!  I am working in Pilcomayo and Mariscal this week with hermana Murugosa from Uruguay, Montevideo. She is super cool but it has been stressful to work in two areas .

Hermana Murugose and I totally were followed by dogs the other day. They just kept following and following us down this like dark alley.   There was like 5 of them!  It was freaky. Finally once we got on a bus, we got away from them. I hate dogs now. well peruvian dogs. still love cats though.   They are like a rare treasure here for me,

Love to you all!!    Hermana Jensen
hermana Murugosa

Lots and lots of rain, which means lots of mud!!

hermana Huanaco and my mini missionary

Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 21 - Huancayo, Peru


This week was veryyy interesting. Monday we went to the clinic, and the doctor told her basically that her spine was super messed up and should go home to get it fixed and it would take months of therapy to fix. We went to the office on Tuesday and president told her since she only has a few weeks left, she should go home. She left on Wednesday and it was so sad :(( I want to write her but I do not have her email so if your reading this Hermana Torres, write me!! :P 

President Silva told me I needed to find a mini, a member to stay and work with me for the week. I got really lucky and found one super fast, her name is Deysi Surichaqui and she is waiting for her mission call right now and she is super cool. So basically this week has been me winging it with my spanish and doing mostly everything on my own haha. It hasn't been too bad but although been pretty scary.  

On Thursday we visited with our investigator and taught her the law of chastity because she is living with her boyfriend. Up to this point she has accepted everything really well but after this lesson she kind of went off and said that she liked what we taught but wasn't receiving an answer that Joseph Smith was a prophet and did not really want to make the changes she needed to in her life. It made me sooooo sad. I tried to explain praying with real intent to her. That when we pray with real intent, it means that we INTEND to act on our answer, and I could tell she wasn't doing that, because she is comfortable and does not want to make those changes in her life. It makes me sad, because I know that she could be sooooo much happier. 
Saturday we went and helped her clean her store and then came back yesterday night to teach her. I felt like we should teach her about temples and eternal marriage and families and the spirit was so strong. I told her about how she could be with her family forever and how the child that she lost she could see again one day. She was ecstatic!  I testified to her of the peace that she could feel in the temple and she expressed her desire to go and feel that peace. She said the closing prayer and was very emotional. It made me happy to see the spirit touch her heart but I still do not know if she is going to try and change :( 

On Friday we received a call from our investigator Maria Isabel!!  It made me so happy because she had decided she did not want to listen to us anymore for like a month and a half but called us out of nowhere to know what time to go to church! We have a lesson with her this week :) 

We had a lesson with our investigator Gladys who is reading, praying and coming to church every week now. She told us she did not want to think about baptism until the end of May!! ughhhhhh haha. We had an activity right after seeing her and I could tell how comfortable and happy she felt. She told us she basically wants to know everything which isn't possible and to fix some things in her family first. But yeah, if she wants it to be in May thats okay.  I know we are not here to force anyone.   

This week Deysi will be leaving and I think I am going to Pilcomayo with another hermanas whose companion went home for health issues. So I do not know if we will be just ditching our area for a couple weeks or what. I hope not!  Anyways,I love you all lots. 

Something funny is this week I kept hearing this loud boom during the night and in the morning. I asked Deysi what it was and she told me that people set off fireworks during the night so it won't rain. It is like a superstition or something. I don't undertand peruvians sometimes.... haha anyways the church is true!

Love, Hermana Jensen

Eating dinner with Deysi and Hermana Blanca

Tastes like top ramen!  yummy!


Week 20 - Huancayo, Peru

January 31, 2017

It has been a rough week.  My companion, hermana Torres is going home a few weeks early because of health issues.  Very sad about it.  

The bishop called and asked us to give a talk an hour before sacrament meeting!  He asked me to speak for 10 mins and sister Torres 5 mins. I had an hour to prepare and I was pretty scared because my spanish still kinda sucks.   I got up there and spoke for like 15 mins about service, and apparently it made sense and I got a lot of compliments so that was good. I know the spirit really helped me out for that one. 

I had to go on splits with a member last night because hermana Torres wasn't feeling well.  She didn't get any sleep last night.   I might be companionless for 4 weeks and have to find a member for everything, which basically means I will be doing everything on my own. I am super stressed though. I miss you guys lots. Sounds like things are changing in America.  I can tell that the last days are truly coming. But on a good note, in midst of all the crap thats happening, I can tell you I am changing and becoming a better person and I know I am learning a lot here.

Love you,

Hermana Jensen

Other missionaries from the area.

This man walks his cow every Sunday.