Monday, February 13, 2017

WEEK 22 - Huancayo, Peru


I do not have time to write much because I feel like a million people wrote me this week and I am trying to respond to them all, but I am good!  I am working in Pilcomayo and Mariscal this week with hermana Murugosa from Uruguay, Montevideo. She is super cool but it has been stressful to work in two areas .

Hermana Murugose and I totally were followed by dogs the other day. They just kept following and following us down this like dark alley.   There was like 5 of them!  It was freaky. Finally once we got on a bus, we got away from them. I hate dogs now. well peruvian dogs. still love cats though.   They are like a rare treasure here for me,

Love to you all!!    Hermana Jensen
hermana Murugosa

Lots and lots of rain, which means lots of mud!!

hermana Huanaco and my mini missionary

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