Sunday, March 5, 2017

Week 23 - Huancayo, Peru

February 20th

This week was good! I have been in Pilcomayo again almost all week and it is sad because we only get to go back to Castilla like a couple days a week.   I feel like my area is dying a little bit, and I really need to find news but I just haven't had time because I am barely in that area anymore.   It is hard not to feel down sometimes about that. But next week is cambios (transfers) and I will return! 

Last Saturday we had a multi zone conference and a member of the 70, Hugo Montoya from Mexico came to talk to us. It was sooooooo amazing!!  Lately I have been reading from the book "Our Heritage" about the history of the church and just been praying and trying to strengthen my testimony of Joseph Smith and my prayer was answered! Elder Hugo talked to us about 6 testimonies we need to gain on our mission, one including Joseph Smith. Hermana played Joseph Smith's first prayer on the piano while he read the story of Joseph Smith a little bit. I felt the spirit soooo incredibly strong. It really did feel like a burning in my bosom like the scriptures say!  haha but seriously, I really felt the spirit testify to me that he was a prophet of God, and that he truly restored the gospel to the earth. It was incredible. 

Yesterday it rained insanely and we walked to our investigator Rossi's home and we were just so soaked haha. A couple weeks ago, we visited her and she didn't really have any desires to change, to go to church, get married and wasn't really reading the Book of Mormon. But yesterday, she said she was reading everyday, and she felt so much peace when she read. Also she is doing all she can to get Sundays off to come every week! She said now when she works on Sundays, she feels like something is missing and that she should be doing something else. We also brought a member Fabiola, and she is such a perfect friend for her at church. So that was really awesome! I miss Castilla lots, but one more week until I am back permanently! 

Love you all, THE CHURCH IS TRUE!
Hermana Jensen
Nayeli baptized in Pilcomayo

Relief Society sisters cooking picarrones! (like a fry bread)

Scavenger hunt for pday

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