Sunday, March 19, 2017

Week 25 - Huancayo, Peru

March 6th, 2017

Hey guys! Miss you tons!  

This week was good but very stressful as well. This area is also super huge and the ward is giant haha. Hermana Vilela and is my new companion.  She is super sweet. We have been teaching this girl named Angelica who turns 13 tomorrow and she is the cutest. She has so much knowledge about the gospel and always always wants to say the prayer. She is getting baptized tomorrow on her birthday!   I am pretty excited about that!  We are kind of lost and do not have a phone but somehow we are making it through! haha.  Ward counsel is still hard for me to understand everything that is going on. There are lots of really intense personalities in the ward and most of the people just end up talking over each other.   

We ate lunch with some members the other day and we had pachamunca de la tierra! It is so good and a classic peruvian food. They make like a brick stove thing and throw in meat, this stuff called umas, potatoes and bean like things. It is hard to explain but it is so good!  We also had with inca cola so I felt very peruvian haha. Our district is really cool and almost all latinos haha. The spanish continues to come along and I understand and can speak more and more every week. I love you guys and love the emails. I can't believe I hit 6 months next week! Love you!!

Hermana Charlotte Jensen

As for the weather it still rains a ton. I need some sunshine!!

Our district.

Pachamunca (meat, potatoes, beans)

2 sisters from district on left, Hermana Vilela, my new companion and me

Hermana Vilela and me

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