Wednesday, September 28, 2016

WEEK 2 - Mission Training Center - Lima, Peru

I don't know if will be able to send out a group email this week because I'm trying to get to everyone individually in the family. I am doing well! The days are kind of starting to blend together a little bit. Last p-day night, Hermana Dallimore and I had a lesson in the casita that was so wonderful. We testified to him about Christ and it was so spiritual and wonderful and we walked out just feeling so good. The next day we slacked off preparing and the lesson that night was a wreck. We analyzed and realized that we really need to study and focus more.  I know that God wants to bless us but we have to show our efforts. 

The members of our district mentioned that being in the scriptures daily, especially the Book of Mormon, has made the scriptures come alive to us and I completely agree. I feel like the stories make so much more sense now and I get so much more out of it. 

I made a sweet catch in ultimate frisbee today and showed up all the elders, it was pretty sweet. This week Hermana Dallimore tried to compliment a latino on his vest, but she said "vestido" which means dress, haha it made me laugh. Vest is "chaleco" by the way. 

I love you all!
Hermana Jensen and Dallimore

 Dallimore & Jensen after a game of ultimate frisbee

Another testament of Jesus Christ

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints Peru Mission Training Center

WEEK 1: Lima, Peru Mission Training Center


I can´t believe I've only been out here for a week.   It seems like

I have been here for so much longer, but in a really good way, and I now
think I've gotten into a routine and I already love it here so much.
I have already grown to have such a love for Peru and I love looking out at
the mountains, even though most days it is very foggy. Yesterday we went
to Interpol to get our visas and it was really nice to get out and see
more of the city. Something interesting about Peru is that they have stray animals
everywhere and you are not supposed to pet them because they
carry diseases. There were a couple of stray cats at Interpol
while we were waiting in line and there were all these kittens and I
just wanted to pick them up and pet them and play with them but I
couldn't.   I may have to pet one though...I should be ok though haha. 

The food here is very good.  I have chicken rice and potatoes I am really enjoying learning spanish and on the
second day we started teaching an "investigator" (our teacher) in the
casitas IN SPANISH.  It has actually been really great, it is just
frustrating sometimes not being able to find the words. I've noticed
though that  when I bear just a simple testimony in the lesson, the
spirit is there every time. I love the gospel and I am learning so much
from being here on how I need to improve.  Sister Dallimore is a great
companion. She is really sarcastic and blunt and she makes me laugh
really hard. She is so honest with me when something I do bothers
her and I really appreciate it. I feel like we communicate well and we
can work hard but also laugh a lot. Last night during district meeting
we could barely keep it together because we just were laughing so
much! Sometimes we need to be better focused. The ccm has such a
wonderful spirit about it and i feel so excited to serve for the next
18 months! 

I love you all!!  Hermana Charlotte Jensen

Court yard for recreation at Mission Training Center, Lima Peru
Hermana Jensen: 1 week in MTC

Hermana's cleaning up a mess
Hermana's Dallimore and Jensen
More sister missionaries. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Leaving for Lima, Peru from MSP airport

Charlotte at the MSP airport, Tuesday, Sept. 13th.  A little sad and scared but excited too.  
News from Lima, Peru MTC-Sept. 14th 2016

I have officially made it to the Peru MTC!  The flight went really smoothly, and once I got to Atlanta there was a bunch of missionaries.  We got in around 11:20 pm.  There were 4 sisters, and about 40 elders - haha.  On the plane I sat next to a girl from Lima and she didn't speak a lick of english.  I had an entire conversation with her in spanish!  It was amazing.  She went to Disney World and I told her I had a friend living there right now. (Ellie).  I told her I was a missionary and that my name was Hermana Jensen and I think she asked me a question about it but I'm really not quite sure what she said.  haha

Once we got out of the airport, most of the homes I saw were just cinder blocks and shacks stacked on top of each other.  The Peru MTC kind of looks like a prison when you enter because there is a gate and huge walls but it is super nice and beautiful here and they take very good care of us.  There's even water to drink!!   My companion is sister Dallimore and she seems pretty cool.  I'm excited to work with her.  I feel very much at peace and I am super excited to get to work!!  I love you all so much!

Hermana Charlotte Jensen