Wednesday, September 14, 2016

News from Lima, Peru MTC-Sept. 14th 2016

I have officially made it to the Peru MTC!  The flight went really smoothly, and once I got to Atlanta there was a bunch of missionaries.  We got in around 11:20 pm.  There were 4 sisters, and about 40 elders - haha.  On the plane I sat next to a girl from Lima and she didn't speak a lick of english.  I had an entire conversation with her in spanish!  It was amazing.  She went to Disney World and I told her I had a friend living there right now. (Ellie).  I told her I was a missionary and that my name was Hermana Jensen and I think she asked me a question about it but I'm really not quite sure what she said.  haha

Once we got out of the airport, most of the homes I saw were just cinder blocks and shacks stacked on top of each other.  The Peru MTC kind of looks like a prison when you enter because there is a gate and huge walls but it is super nice and beautiful here and they take very good care of us.  There's even water to drink!!   My companion is sister Dallimore and she seems pretty cool.  I'm excited to work with her.  I feel very much at peace and I am super excited to get to work!!  I love you all so much!

Hermana Charlotte Jensen

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