Sunday, March 5, 2017

Week 24 - Huancayo, Peru

February 27, 2017


This week has been so insane. I was in Pilcomayo almost all week and we went to go see this convert Nayeli. We sat in her yard and she has these 3 sheep that wander around. I was being weird, and I was like I can talk to sheep haha. And then I just made this sheep noise and all 3 of them turned around to look at me! Then I just kept going and they started like coming towards me haha it was so funny!  I legit think Nayeli thinks I can talk to sheep. 

Friday we were in Castilla and I got a call from the office that told me they were going to close my area for the next cambio (transfer) and that I was going to be transferring next change. It was definitely a surprise and sad!   Saturday I ended up just trying to say goodbye to everyone that I could and I had to hand the area book over to the elders. We had to move everything out of our room and the land lady was soooooo angry. But yeah there was nothing we could do, so sorry lady. 

We had a really awesome lesson with Marleni and David this week. They are a couple who are living together who have a ton of problems. They ended up starting to fight right in front of us for a good amount of time and I could feel the spirit leave the room. I ended up just stopping them and burning them haha. I was like right now all you guys are doing is just thinking about yourself! Your relationship will never work if your not thinking about the other person more than yourself, because love really is about service. It was so intense and they just shut up. It was quiet for a moment and David grabbed Marlenis hand and they both started to tear up. David was like we really want to change, and David also talked about how he wanted to overcome his smoking and gambling addiction. We also then talked about baptism and how they could work towards it and how it is like starting fresh, being born again. They both really want it, and are really going to work on changing. I gave them some verses to read together and to pray together. It was such an amazing lesson and when I hugged Marleni goodbye we both started to bawl. I am going to miss them so much! As of now, I have been transferred to Chilca, on the other side of Huancayo and I will be training!  My companions name is Hermana Vilela and she is the sweetest .  She is from Tumbes, Peru. It is definitely a change and I will need time to adjust, but I am excited to work here. 

I love you all!!

Hermana Jensen

David & Marleni

Sister Rossi and me

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