Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 20 - Huancayo, Peru

January 31, 2017

It has been a rough week.  My companion, hermana Torres is going home a few weeks early because of health issues.  Very sad about it.  

The bishop called and asked us to give a talk an hour before sacrament meeting!  He asked me to speak for 10 mins and sister Torres 5 mins. I had an hour to prepare and I was pretty scared because my spanish still kinda sucks.   I got up there and spoke for like 15 mins about service, and apparently it made sense and I got a lot of compliments so that was good. I know the spirit really helped me out for that one. 

I had to go on splits with a member last night because hermana Torres wasn't feeling well.  She didn't get any sleep last night.   I might be companionless for 4 weeks and have to find a member for everything, which basically means I will be doing everything on my own. I am super stressed though. I miss you guys lots. Sounds like things are changing in America.  I can tell that the last days are truly coming. But on a good note, in midst of all the crap thats happening, I can tell you I am changing and becoming a better person and I know I am learning a lot here.

Love you,

Hermana Jensen

Other missionaries from the area.

This man walks his cow every Sunday.

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