Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Week 19 Huancayo, Peru


This week was great! Right now since we do not have a room, we are staying with the hermana leaders in El Tambo, Hermana Schmid and Hermana Esparza.  It has been really fun!  

Wednesday we had divisions and it was the first time I was in my area alone without my trainer, and with a hermana leader, and I was scared!  It ended up being really great!  We saw Zuly, Rossi, Mayumi and had another random lesson with a lady on the train tracks, while she was knitting.  I ended up dropping the phone on the train tracks and didn't notice until about 15 mins later. We went back and it was gone, so we called the number. Some random guy ended up answering and asked how much we would give him to return the phone. So since that is dangerous, we called the office and we are going to have to get a new phone. We have to wait a couple of weeks though and it is pretty tough not to have a phone but that's ok! 

We saw Mayumi who is a recent convert and we shared a scripture with her and talked with her for a little while. Last time we saw her she said she wasn't reading and when we came back she told us she was reading every day from the Book of Mormon, praying everyday too and was feeling a lot better!  It made me so happy! Yesterday when we walked into church, it was the first time I went where I really felt like it was my home and my ward. The ward here really is so great, and I am glad that I get to be in this area. I have started asking everyone basically at church what their name is and then writing it down in my planner with a little description of them. My goal by the time I leave is to know them really really well. 

The other day Hermana Esparza ended up locking herself in their study!! haha. We tried unscrewing the door knob but the door would not budge. Hermana Schmid then was like "ok guys move out of the way".   She then karate kicked the door opened! it was so legit!! 

I don't remember if I told you this before but the other day at the hermana leaders house I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and I couldn't see, and I ended up smacking my face on the door suuppperr hard. I ended up hitting it so hard I got a super bad bloody nose haha. Hermana Torres and I laughed pretty hard about that the next day. I seem to have a lot of bad luck from fainting, bloody noses, to losing our phone. 

We had a super awesome mission night with the ward on Friday, where we taped paper on our backs, and people wrote compliments to us. Our investigator Gladys came with our son!  She has come to church 4 times now, is reading and praying but is still timid about accepting a baptismal date. It is kind of frustrating, but I know that some people just progress slower than others. But she is really amazing and it is great to see the changes she has been making over the past couple of months. 

Yesterday, we contacted and it POURED.  When it rains the streets just turn into rivers, and we were walking on the sidewalk and a car drove by super fast and splashed us really bad, kind of like in the movies, and we were SOAKED. I don't think I have ever been that soaked in my life haha.  We had to walk to church for consejo with the ward, and we were just so stinkin wet !!  haha. 

The language is still very hard, but I know I have progressed a lot. I try speaking in district meeting and at church, but it is hard to have a fluent conversation and to understand a lot of people still. Being a missionary is hard, but I know that this is the work of the Lord. I was reading a part of preach my gospel the other day called the power and authority of your calling and it kind of burned within me. I know that being set apart as a missionary is a very powerful calling, and I have the ability to help and teach people like I never will be able to ever again. We just have to work hard and trust in the Lord, and he will give us the strength and the spirit to change people's lives. 


Love, Hermana Jensen

"tuna" fruit from cactus

Lots and lots of rain!

Hermana Torres trying to be an old lady.

My soaked skirt and shoes!

Hermana Torres, me and Hermana Schmid

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