Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Week 18 - Huancayo, Peru

So today is cambios (transfers), but guess what??? Imma stayin!!  Turns out I will be with Hermana Torres until her dying day, and then have another cambio here too! So I will be having 6 months here in Mariscal Castilla.  I am actually really happy about that!  Hermana Torres is super awesome, and I want more time here. 

My goal is to start getting to know the ward better.  On my first cambios I was just so confused and trying to figure everything out and I didn't get to know the members well enough but now I just want to really know them and love them. 

We had an FHE the other night with some members and the elders.  It was sooo much fun. It feels so nice being able to understand people now. One member Karen is so funny and she played some Coldplay at FHE and I was like ughhhhh I miss music!! haha but I am ok :P   Hermana Torres told me the other day, that I shouldn't use not knowing spanish as an excuse anymore, because I know enough and I know that that is so true. One hermana in my zone from Honduras asked if my parents spoke spanish with me at home because I speak so well. I was like nopeee learned it all here basically!  It is still hard sometimes, but I'll be ok. 

This week was so nuts!  So after I fainted the other week, Hermana Silva came to our room and saw how utterly disgusting it was. Not because we don't clean haha but it is just old as heck. She called the hermana leaders and were like they need to do something about that room. So we actually ended up finding a really pretty new room and the lady told us we could move there in just a couple days!  So we moved all our furniture and painted our old room with the zone. It was so nasty.... That room is just dust and dirt and disgusting. And there are these two doors that have been permanently locked that we couldn't open. But our zone leaders decided to break into one of them by unscrewing the screws to see what was inside. AND OH MY GOSH. IT WAS SO CREEPY. We walked in and there was this super old  dusty bed, with old lady clothes everywhere, with her shoes lined up perfectly. There was this creepy doll with a burnt face, and a bottle of random clear liquid. NO LIE!! And then the next day the landlady for our new room, was like you can't move in yet until February and I'm going to Lima!  So now we have no stinkin room and are living with the hermana leaders until February. haha!  Anyways it has been nuts and kind of frustrating! 

Something I have been learning to do lately, is to really pay attention to the spirit. Sometimes in lessons I get so wrapped up in what I'm going to say that I don't listen to the people talking. When I just listen with love, the spirit always always gives me the words that I need to say. I really am just an instrument in the Lords hands, and any inadequacy I have, He will fill. 

Being a missionary is so fun and Peru is the best!!! Love you all!!

Hermana Jensen

On an outing to park cochas

some random items for sale (guinea pig skins?)

Painted gourds
Hermana Asto (one of my favorites) leaving. :(
Saying goodbye to some of our zone members. 

Large painted gourd

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