Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Week 16 - Huancayo, Peru


Feliz ano nuevo! 

This week was very very interesting. Friday we had divisions with the hermana leaders and it was super awesome. I was with hermana Esparza who is from Ecuador and we had a couple lessons, and contacted a bunch. We helped a lady wash her clothes by hand, which is really a lot of exercise, I have a lot of respect that people do that here.  Saturday was Dec 31st, so we only had one lesson, because everyone was so busy and did not want to let us in. We ended up contacting a bunch, and then the hermana leaders said they were going to bring us pizza! We ended up eating super late around 10 and then being bad missionaries and waiting until midnight for the new year (sorry Mom).  I ended up going to bed around 12:30 and then when I woke up at 6:30, I felt so gross. We had to be at church at 8 am!  I got up, went to the bathroom and when I came back in the room, I started feeling super dizzy.  I said to hermana Torres "Wow I feel sick, wait wooahhh everything is going black..." And then I was on the ground, looking up at hermana Torres.   I said "Where am I?? "  But only for a second and then I remembered how I had blacked out. She told me I had fainted and that we needed to call the Elders. I hit my head super hard on our concrete floor and had a huge lump on my head. I was so loopy hahaha, I kept laughing and laughing about it and honestly now I do still think its kind of funny.  Hermana Silva ended up coming over with Elder Castillo and Elder Hernandez and they gave me a blessing and the sacrament. I talked to Elder Burton on the phone, who is the doctor who lives in Lima and I remembered him from the CCM!  He's super awesome and looks just like King Candy from Wreck it Ralph. He told me it wasn't serious but just to take it easy and rest for the day, It was just a mixture of lack of sleep, eating late at night and other medical terms I don't remember. So yesterday we were house bound, and I just rested, our pension brought us food and I did those puzzles you got me for Christmas!  Don't worry I'm all good, and feel much better today, I just got a lump on my head. But this is the first time I've ever fainted! haha. 

Something that I have been trying to work on here, is to not compare myself to the other missionaries here, especially with the language. Sometimes I forget that my whole entire zone either spoke spanish at home or has a ton of time on the mission. I had an interview with President Silva last Tuesday, and he told me that my spanish is so much better. I know that comparing yourself and your weaknesses to others strengths does nothing except make you feel bad. I remember a talk from last conference, I don't remember who, but he said that if we are going to compare, compare yourself today to who you were before, and who you want to become. I know that I want to become a very successful missionary, and the only person in my way of doing that is myself. I hope to make this year the greatest yet, and it's hard to believe I'll be in Peru all of 2017! 

I love you all!

Hermana Jensen

The puzzles I put together while recuperating

Happy New Year 2017

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