Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Week 17 - Huancayo, Peru


This letter will be short, but this week was good! No fainting haha. I think it was on Thursday, it rained so stinkin hard,  I was just soaked the whole entire day. Friday and Saturday we just walked and walked and my feet are really starting to hurt now, and no one was letting us in. It was so frustrating and exhausting. I don't know how I am finding energy for this!  haha. 

Yesterday, we were having a hard time finding people, but then we ended up discovering randomly that our investigator Rossi that we thought didn't live in our area, only worked by us, actually lives in our area and we can keep teaching her! It was awesome! 

We got a reference from a member for this couple named Marleni and David and we taught them a couple times this week. They are super awesome, and I am excited to keep teaching them! Next week is cambios (transfers)!  I am not really sure what happened, but my feeling is that I am going to leave the area which is bittersweet.  I would like to have more time here, it really is an awesome area. 

I love you a bunch!

Love, Hermana Jensen


District P Day

Hermana Torres, me and our investigator Rossi.

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