Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Week 8 - Huancayo, Peru

Dear friends and family,

I miss you all like crazy. These last couple weeks have definitely been a roller coaster ride.   I go from feeling so homesick to incredibly happy an hour later. I heard that is normal though. 

Last week we made tacos at the mission president's house with his wife.  It was super fun. I met Hermana Schmid who is from Utah.  We got to talk a lot in english which was nice. Also the tacos were amazing. Hermana Schmid had a mexican companion so she taught us how to made tortillas like a real mexican haha. super good! 

I interviewed with president Silva who only speaks spanish. We have to write a letter every week and I wrote him a whole paragraph in spanish and he said he was very impressed.  He also told me to take it easy with the language and that I will get it in about 3 months. The hardest part is seeing people open up to us, crying and I don't know what to say to comfort them.  Hermana Spitale is amazing though, and told me that I help so much just by bearing my testimony. It's getting better and i already have noticed that I can understand much more.  The missionaries in my zone all have been out quite a while, so it is hard not to compare myself to them and their spanish skills. Sundays are long, especially fast sundays.  We had 4 investigators come to church!  It was awesome, and guess what -  I bore my testimony!!  I was so scared but I just did it, and i was so proud of myself haha! The other day I got a priesthood blessing from an elder in my zone, and it was great and much needed. I felt so incredibly good afterwards, and everything in the blessing was exactly what I needed to hear. In the blessing he mentioned that God didn't expect me to perfect, and that I would be capable of doing everything I needed to do on my mission. It was very comforting, and increased my testimony of the priesthood.  

The dogs here are nuts. Hermana Blanca has a dog that is crazy, and every time we come to eat we run in as fast as we can to avoid her crazy dog. They bark all night long, and usually wake me up. 

I have met so many wonderful people here, who are loving and amazing. There is this old woman named Mila that we teach that is just the sweetest. Also the food here is super good, and the picky eater in me is definitely going away which is nice.  I am slowly gaining a love for the people here and am excited and anxious to get the language down. I know that my faith has grown so much.  I have had to put so much more trust in God these past few weeks. I am learning patience which is super good for me. The mission is a wonderful thing! 

Love and miss you all,

Hermana Charlotte Jensen

Church building in Huancayo where we are gathering to get our new assignments.

My new companion, Hermana Spitale

Hermana Spitale and Hermana Schmid

Sister Silva - Mission President's wife

President and Sister Silva (Mission President of the Huancayo Peru mission)

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