Sunday, November 20, 2016

Week 9 - Huancayo, Peru

Hi everyone!

This week was good!  Remember the "Jesus the Christ" book dad gave me?  There is a note in it written by great grandpa Joy that says "it is one thing to love to preach the gospel, but to love those to whom you preach is quite another."  Well I have thought a lot about that note the past few weeks. Because I love the gospel and I know it is true, yet I have had a hard time really growing to love the people and Peru. This week I prayed like a mad person for charity. It is crazy how through difficult times, is when we pray the hardest - haha. I guess that is why we have trials!!   Let me tell you, the love has been coming. Yesterday during sacrament meeting, I started tearing up while sitting between two of our investigators because I was just like what the heck these people are so amazing and I am so happy that they decided to come to church today!  I know that love for the people is the most important thing when preaching the gospel. I still pray a lot for it everyday, and I am trying to focus more on others rather than on all of my struggles and faults. I am learning patience with the language and trust that it will come eventually. 

I went on divisions with one of the sister training leaders the other day.  It was really great!  Hermana Johnson is very cool, and we got to speak english which was nice because I have been so totally immersed in spanish. Today I think we are making cookies with our pensionista!  We are using the recipe that we always use from home. I hope they turn out good. 

Last night a family turned up at the church for an activity, and they are investigators who are super interested in the gospel and really want to fix problems in their marriage.  We are teaching them this Tuesday and I am very excited! So many people here in Huancayo are prepared to hear the gospel, and ready to make changes in their lives.  It is just a matter of finding them!   Sometimes they just miraculously show up!   I

t's a lot of hard work here, a super busy mission and that means a lot of planning, coordinating and remembering it and all in spanish. I know that it is taught in the scriptures that missionaries need not fear.  God always provides the strength if we just trust and have faith on Him. I am working on that haha.  Being a missionary is super awesome! l love you all and the gospel is so so true!!

Hermana Jensen

A normal day at breakfast.

This temple was drawn at our pensions house by some other sisters over a year ago

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