Thursday, December 29, 2016

Week 14 - Huancayo, Peru

Dear friends and family,

I do not know if I have a ton of time to write, but I do have lots of pictures!!!  I will be sending those. 

This week I went to Lima!  I went with a group of people to get our visas and it was way fun. We stayed in a super nice hotel and ate so much food haha including pizza!  We went to the temple and got to visit the CCM too. It was nice to have a few days to relax.  

Saturday we had two baptisms - one for Mayumi and one for Wendy. They were so amazing. Mayumi finally got permission from her mom and she has been coming to church forever. Hermana Spitale got to come and it was such a special moment to see Mayumi be baptized, something that she has been waiting for for so long. Then Wendy got baptized!  She is such a wonderful person with such a strong testimony, I loved hearing the testimonies of both of them. This week it just really hit me how amazing this work is. And how fun it is! I feel more excited to work and I really do love teaching people about the gospel.  Merry Christmas!

bus ride from Huancayo to Lima

Pizza Hut
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Lima, Peru temple
with CCM President and wife

Fancy hotel with spa

Trip to Lima with Hermana Dymock

 Baptism day for Mayumi

Hermana Spitale and I
Baptism day for Wendy

 Mayumi's (16) baptism

Such a happy day!!
Wendy's baptism (23)


Maria Isabel - our current investigator

Sarah is getting her mission call soon

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