Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Week 6 - In Huancayo, Peru

I can't write much but I'm officially at the mission home in Huancayo. I feel a little overwhelmed right now.  It is really scary and everyone is speaking spanish and it is hard to speak, but I can understand a good chunk of it when I just listen. I just had my interview with the mission president and he is super nice.  The whole interview was in spanish.  He told me that I have a good companion, so that is comforting. 

I have a headache because of the altitude change. The bus ride was really pretty but I threw up an hour before we got here.   I think it was because of the altitude change.   Almost everyone threw up as well!   haha. Tomorrow morning I am off to wherever they assign me! I know that the Lord is helping me through it all and that I will eventually get used to it. The next time I write will probably be on Monday, Oct. 31.  

Hermana Charlotte Jensen

Huancayo, Peru

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