Sunday, April 9, 2017


APRIL 3rd, 2017

I am in HUANUCO, Peru.

Hi guys, 

I hope you haven't been too worried or freaked about me this week. I want you guys to know that I am doing a lot better. I think what you said mom about the comp thing was hard. She was super sweet but just the inability to communicate with her, not because of spanish but just because of differences in personalities had an affect on me. I think a lot of missionaries go through this, it just comes at different times in the mission. 

Last Friday I got transferred to this city called Huanuco which is about 8 hours from Huancayo and I lovvveeeee it. It is SO beautiful!  It is like Huancayo but it is more in the mountains and you are just like in the valley and the weather is perfect. It is straight up California. It has been helping my mood to be in the sun and it is like hot but with this just nice cool breeze.  

Something super awesome is I am now with Hermana Pliler, who literally when I talk to her I feel like I am talking to my sister Jamie, no lie. She reminds me soooo much of Jamie. It has been really fun, but I am only going to be with her until the end of the transfer next week and then I am staying in Huanuco but going to a different area to open that area!  I think it could be stressful because I will probably train again but I am excited and hope that I will be ready. 

Hermana Plliler has like a leadership meeting so we will actually back in Huancayo for a couple days for that.  I talked to Hermana Schmid today who was also In Chilca and she told me that area was reallyyy rough for her and super stressful. She said that she suffered in that area because the ward and areas are huge and the ward is full of gossips hahahah. Seriously though!  I love some people in the ward but there are so many less actives because people just gossip like crazy. 

They are actually closing Chilca for hermanas this transfer so I closed my first two areas... Feel kind of bad but they are going to open Mariscal Castilla again this transfer, I just will not be opening it because I think I really needed to leave for a better climate. But I did hear that our investigator Rossie whom we taught who was in a wheelchair, came to conference and is progressing super well! so that makes me happy!   So I said goodbye to Chilca and goodybe to my favorite person in Chilca - Angie. She told me that she just started her mission papers and I am the only one that knows! haha I feel special, but well now you guys know haha.

Conference was so amazing, we got to watch it all and in English. There were so many things I loved about it, but yeah because Holland is amazing I really loved his talk, about how everybody is needed in the church. How  we are all like one big choir with different capabilities and every voice is needed and different. 

I love you guys all so much, and I am determined to make this year amazing. Thank you for being the greatest! 

Love, Hermana Jensen

Angie and me

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