Sunday, April 23, 2017

WEEK 31 - Huanuco, Peru

April 17, 2017

This week was very good!  We have been so busy and working so hard that time is just flying by.  I can honestly say it has been the happiest, funnest time on my mission.  When you just work and put everything you have into the work, there is not even time to think about yourself. 

Hermana Pliler and I get along super well.  We talk spanish in the streets to improve our spanish and when we're in the room, we let ourselves speak english. We live above our pension Marujah whose the greatest, craziest lady ever, but she left with her family this week on vacation to the jungle, so we pensioned with this lady named Dani who is super sweet this week. 

We have made a goal to wake up at 6:30 everyday and go running.  It sucks but I have a lot more energy throughout the day, also to not eat bread or rice and cut down on sugar.  It is hard, but I am way more focused and happy throughout the day. 

We have been teaching this guy named Diego, who is a single Dad and he is 24 years old. We left him a chapter to read and when we got back he read 10 chapters! We taught him the restoration and it is so interesting because at almost EVERY lesson we have been teaching the restoration.and when we start with the first vision some sort of distraction pops up.  I absolutely know it is satan because when we recite the first vision it is sooo powerful, the spirit always fills the room.  With Diego we had to start it over 3 times because distractions kept popping up. 

We also have these investigators named Jesus and Andrea and they are great but Jesus is the hardest person to teach ever. He literally interrupts us like every 5 seconds to just talk. We are so confused with him because he told us that he doesn't believe that the church he goes to right now is the true church but every time we try to talk and ask him questions he is always interrupting us to talk about the bible or his beliefs. We listen and try to explain things but he just WILL NOT LET US TALK. Literally we feel so frustrated whenever we teach him. His girlfriend is so great and wants to listen but she is super quiet and then when we ask her a question, he will answer for her.  It is so rude. The other day we both kind of exploded on him.  He asked me a question and then I started to talk to answer and then he interrupted me for like the billionth time and I was just like excuse me let me finish talking please.  Maybe not the most christ like thing to do but the only way he will listen to us is when we are very harsh with him. We were like next time we come, if you want to listen, TRULY listen to us, you are invited, but if not we are coming just to teach your girlfriend because she wants to listen and wants to learn, but you are not letting her. Anyways, it was a super intense lesson and exhausting. But we have been praying so hard for him because we know deep down he has a desire and he has been reading the Book of Mormon, he just isn't quite ready to listen and learn. I will give an update to see how it goes this next week haha. 

I got your package finally!  Thanks so much for everything, I loved it! Especially the cards and pictures. Also the hair mask.   Hermana Pliler and I were just talking about how we wanted to do a hair mask because our hair has just been so nasty and falling out and stuff.  I just feel dirty all the time and sometimes I look in the mirror, and I am like "oh gosh what has happened to me?"  Something funny this week was that some guy bowed to us on the street as we were walking, it was sooo hilarious, he just stopped when he saw and started bowing and speaking in this language called Ketchewa, it was hilarious. 

Yo se que este es la obra del senor, que nosotras somos instrumentos en los manos de Dios. Yo se que la mision no es facil pero vale la pena porque estamos ayudando personas acercar mas Jesucristo y sentir un cambio en sus vidas. Estoy tan agradecido a estar aqui en Péru para ayudar las personas a tener el evangelio y expirementar mas gozo en sus vidas.

Les Quiero Muchisimo!!
Con cariño,
Hermana Jensen

Pics of my area and by a mural. Also with a recent convert kelly. Also this week, we went to a park with our zone on saturday and we put up these huge posters of Christ, like holy week and every day in holy week and what happened in the life of Christ, it was really cool. Then we gave out photos of Christ to people. The point was to really let people now that we are Christians and everything we teach is centered in Christ. 

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