Sunday, April 23, 2017

WEEK 30 - Huanuco, Peru

April 10th, 2017


So this week I was with Hermana Pliler the whole week and it was suupperr fun!  She is from Alpine, Utah. It has been so nice because she is an hermana leader and we were literally just so busy that I didn't even have time to think about myself or home, and it has been helping me a lot.  We went back to Huancayo for leadership meeting and I got to go but I was in the back just listening because I am not an hermana leader haha.  The bus ride was super fun and we tried to stay up all night on the bus but I could not do it haha. Hermana Pliler and the elders that we were talking to stayed awake all night because we traveled at like 9 pm into the night until 5 in the morning, at which time we arrived back in Huanuco. 

The whole week we have been wondering about real cambios (transfers) which we found out yesterday.  President told me that I was only going to be with Hermana Pliler for the week and then I would go open another area with another Hermana.  Yesterday we went to find out about cambios and our zone leader, elder Johnson was like soooo you guys are staying together!!   So I am staying in Ala Meda with Hermana Pliler and we are going to be hermana leaders together! I am super pumped and I think it is going be a crazy busy and super fun cambio. And now both of our spanish is sufficient to be able to talk spanish to each other in the streets and so I am not too worried about not learning more spanish. It is fun because we have a lot in common.  We can also speak in english and about BYUI and music and things.  Something else cool is now I am in the same district as my mother in the mission - herman Spitale!  I am happy because it is her last cambio and I get to be with her when she dies :) I also get to go on divisions with her too now since I am her hermana leader!  If I am here next transfer and they open Cerro de pasco back up, I will also go there to do divisions. haha.  It is so fun being with hermana Spitale because I actually understand her now and can talk to her. My first transfer it was hard to communicate with her.

Hermana Pliler and I have been teaching this couple Jesus and Andrea and Jesus is a Jehovah Witness and just talks and asks a  billion questions and then will not let us talk.  It is soooo frustrating sometimes. We were literally in this super long lesson with them and Hermana Pliler and I were both to the point of tears of frustration because we would try to speak but then he would interrupt us.  We were both just like praying so hard for patience and love during that lesson.  The cool thing is his girlfriend came to church yesterday, but we will keep working with Jesus. 

The ward is really great and I am excited to be a part of it. Also the greatest thing ever about being an hermana leader now is we get to go on divisions!!  So we get to split with the other missionaries in Huanuco and see how they are doing and help them. And the BEST part is now there are hermanas in Tingo Maria.  We will get to go on divisions with them!   Tingo Maria is STRAIGHT Jungle!!!  I've heard it is like the most beautiful place in the whole mission so that makes me very happy :) 

Anyways I love you all tons!  I KNOW that the Lord looks out for each and every one of us. All the crap that we pass through in this life is for a reason and we always grow from it. I am so unbelievably grateful to have the gospel in my life, and I know it changes lives. I am grateful for my family and that we can be together forever. 

Hermana Jensen

Bus ride from Huancayo to Huanuco

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