Sunday, May 28, 2017

WEEK 34 - Huanuco

MAY 8th, 2017


This week was good, not gonna lie,  but by the time Monday rolls around sometimes I forget a lot, but it really has been good. We went on divisions again with the hermanas that serve in Pedro Puelles and I was with hermana Carbajal from Trujille, Peru.  It was way fun!  We get along really well and have very similar personalities so that's awesome.

Hermana Pliler and I found this couple named Luz and Jim this week, and they are literally sooooo great. They were just so cute and so interested and we are just so excited to keep teaching them. Jim plays the trumpet in a band so he travels a lot but we just really hope we can help them progress. 

We're still running every morning and my endurance has built up so much. It's so awesome, cuz we will run and run and when I get back home, I just feel way good and not that tired!  

Saturday to Sunday we fasted and we broke the fast at a members house and ate this thing called causa. It is like a potato sandwich thing with chicken and vegetables. It is good, but when we are with members I feel obligated to eat it all, so I did. And then Pliler turns to me and she is like help me! I can't eat this all... So I did haha and started to feel pretty gross. We have sacrament meeting at 3 and the first hour I felt soooo overwhelmingly hot and gross. During second hour I started to feel dizzy so we went to go sit outside. I ended up throwing up like 3 times at church, and just threw up like all of my lunch... I know gross. At night, our pension Marujah gave me some stuff called mazamorra to eat cuz she said it was smooth and wouldn't harm my stomach but yep threw that all up. I was sick all night, and still feel pretty weak today, but hey that is the joys of being sick :) 

Anyways I love you all!  Hermana Pliler and I talk everyday about how grateful we are to have made the decision to come here on the mission. I just know that I have learned how to draw closer to God, and I am excited to see the changes within me by the time I come home. Although times are hard sometimes, I know they are for a reason and that is when we truly grow the most. 

Love you!!

Hermana Jensen

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