Sunday, May 28, 2017

WEEK 36 - Huanuco, Peru

MAY 22nd, 2017


So this week we had transfers and Hermana Pliler left me which made me very sad. :(  We had tons of fun together and honestly she is someone that I will keep in contact for the rest of my life. We would leave to work and say companionship prayer and we would just laugh and laugh and had to always calm ourselves down before prayers. 

I am staying here in Ala Meda and I am with hermana Schmid!  I am also very excited to work with her and another gringa haha!  I really hope that we can help this area out. I have been feeling very frustrated lately because I just feel like I haven't seen that much success here on my mission.  Last transfer we contacted and worked so hard, but we have just been struggling finding people to progress and who are ready for baptism. It has been way rough. Something I am going to start doing is fasting more often to increase my testimony of fasting and also to be able to see more miracles in my mission.  

Ohhh myyy goodness, Hermana Schmid told me that in my first area. my investigator Rossi that I had contacted and taught who was in a wheelchair is now coming to church every week! annddd her boyfriend is now getting the lessons and they have plans to get married this week or the next and soon be baptized. That just really was a testimony to me, that a lot of times we do not see miracles directly in our missions or the blessings. Lot of times we just have to push forward and have faith that we will be blessed for our obedience and service. I know that most of the blessings we will probably never see in our missions but we just have to be patient and trust in God. I know that if I put my all in, that I will leave with no regrets and that I will be able to see the results of what I have done. 

Hermana Jensen

My zone

Mother's day breakfast with hermana Maruja!

My neighbor after we bandaged up her hand

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