Monday, May 29, 2017

WEEK 37 - Huanuco

May 29, 2017

Dearest familia and amigos,

This was a very great week, full of lots of little miracles!  I loved this week because I feel like I can truly testify that work is the best medicine to feel happy on the mission. Everyday we wake up, run and just stay busy working and studying until night. Usually I hit the bed, and don't even have time to think, I am sooo dang tired haha. 

I have made a new commitment to fast every week! I am hoping to gain a stronger testimony of fasting, and that it will help me become a better and stronger missionary. This week, we found a lot of news which was super great, but we really really wanted to get people to church.  Last transfer, we really struggled with getting people to come to church so I prayed and prayed that we would get someone to come. One of our investigators "Diego" who has been progressing really well and has come to church quite a few times told us he would come this Sunday so we were super pumped!  Also because he really wants to get baptized and is preparing for the 24th of June. When we got to Sunday, we did not see one investigator and Diego did not come either.  My heart broke, I felt so so sad.  I felt frustrated that we had put in so much effort, and everyone told us they would come and that no one showed up. I tried to just push through it and trust that if we just kept working, God would bless us and eventually we would get investigators at church.  During the intermediate hymn, we stood up and I turned around and in the very very back row in the corner, I see our investigator Querin!  He had come all by himself for the very first time ever. My heart was filled with so much joy!  I felt so grateful that God had heard our prayers and that Querin was able to come.  I could barely get the intermediate hymn out as tears began to swell up in my eyes, and I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude towards God.  I love this work, and I truly know that it is the work of God. All he asks is that we have a willing heart and he will lead us to the people he needs us to find. As for Diego, well we are just going to have to talk to him about the importance of sabbath day more this week!  

Last sunday, one of the recent converts we have been teaching got called to be second counselor in the young mens presidency!  It is so cool to see all the amazing changes he has made and how much happier he is in the gospel. He is preparing to go to the temple in June and we got to teach him about family history and temples and he got so excited!  I love the temple and I am so glad that he gets to go soon!  I also know that scripture study is so important. I read a really awesome article this week in the Liahona that talked about Lehis dream and the rod of iron which represents the word of God. It is so soooo crucial that we hold onto the scriptures continually as it says, if we truly want to stay strong and faithful all of our lives. Those who leave the church are those who don't keep reading!!!  Read the scriptures and pray to God everyday, don't just be that person who does it only in moments of crisis. Do that, and when the trials come, you will be able to be firm! 

I love you all and hope you have an ammmazzzinnngg weeekk!!!

Hermana Jensen

My new companion - hermana Schmid

Goodbye to hermana Pliler

Plan of Salvation sidewalk chalk

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