Saturday, June 10, 2017

Week 38 - Huanuco, Peru

June 5, 2017


Another good week out here in Ala Meda!  This week we had the chance to go out to Tingo Maria again, which is in the jungle, and visit and go on divisions with the hermanas there.  It was way fun!  We proselytized and it was flipping hot haha.  They eat soooo much food in the jungle, so I came back feeling very, very full. They also eat a ton of bananas, including boiled bananas which I think are disgusting but hey it is all good haha. 

This week, something I had been trying to work on is not letting discouragement get to me. These last couple transfers I have been working especially hard, just doing what I can to contact, help people, and find new people to teach.  Honestly we haven't been seeing a ton of results, and I have put a lot of the blame on myself.  When we get discouraged, a lot of times it weakens our faith! But we should not do this!!  We have to push forward, and trust in the Lord and His blessings. 

Up until Saturday we could not find  any new people to teach, and we were just standing in the street after all our plans had fallen through. This is the point, where I pray and ask Heavenly Father where we need to go. I looked through my old planner to see some old contacts that we could maybe go see and one name popped out at me. We stopped by their house and low and behold they let us in and we taught them and their whole dang family!  It was definitely a miracle. After that we got to see our investigator Diego, and you could feel the spirit soooo strong in the lesson. He is preparing for baptism.  He opened up to us a lot about the fears he has about failing God and wanting to make the right decision. Something I felt very strongly to talk to him about was the need to go to church because it is something he has n't done consistently.  I was just like "you need to go to church Diego!"  I know you are praying and you are reading, but if you go to church I KNOW that you will feel peace and the fear will leave you about your baptism. We all got to testify about the importance of doing those little things like praying, reading and going to church and how those things are what will sustain us to endure to the end!  It really is those 3 main things! If you dont' do that then yeahh satan creeps in with the doubts and the spirit will not be with you as much, and before you know it, you are not doing any of those three things. Hold to the iron rod!! Anyways he came to church Sunday!  The elders gave him a blessing and then he told us he felt a lot more at peace. 

This week we are planning on bringing a bunch of recent converts and some members who are preparing to go to the temple this month to the family history center to help them get into it.  I am super excited for that! 

We visited a recent convert named Kelly this week, who lives in this humble, tiny little room alone, and we sat on her bed and it broke!  We felt very bad and kinda fat haha. Luckily a member who is AWESOME, helped us out because he is a carpenter and fixed her bed! Go Luis! 

One day we had a bunch of appointments fall through, so we decided to make more contacts but go all the way up one of our hills haha. We climbed alllll the way up it and it was super beautiful and made some really cool contacts up there.

I know that God really cares about us and loves each and every single one of us. Last Sunday, yes we only had Diego come to church, but I felt a ton of peace because I knew and felt that God was proud of the work I had done that week.

 I don't know where I heard this but there is a quote that's like "missionary work is about the one lost sheep". And maybe we won't have a million people flocking to the baptismal font but we are helping people come to Christ, one soul at a time! I feel that if we do all that we can, and we try our best, that God will be proud of that. Some people get upset in the gospel because they always feel like they are falling short or not good enough. We are imperfect people!! The gospel is not meant for perfect people, it is meant for people like you and me who are just trying to do our best in life. 

I love all of you and hope you have a great week! PRAY, READ YOUR SCRIPTURES, GO TO CHURCH :)

Hermana Jensen

church building in Tingo Maria

Hermana Schmid and I in Tingo Maria

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