Friday, June 23, 2017

Week 40 - Huanuco

June 19, 2017

Hey everyone!

This week was great and also a little hard.  We just had the hardest time finding people to teach. We seemed to just walk  and walk, knock and nobody wanted to let us in or they were not home. It was tough, but we got to have some really amazing opportunities. 

Our new investigator Ana is SO amazing. She is so sweet and she just has such a strong desire to know about the gospel. We had given her a book of Mormon the week before and she said she just opened it one day to see if she could get an answer to one of her questions even before we had to explain the Book of Mormon!  So cool! She told us she just feels so much peace when we are with her, and absolutely loves the church. She is seriously gold people. Hermana Schmid one day was like where the heck did she come from???? Planet prepared?? haha 

We got to teach Diego on Friday, and had another super great spiritual lesson with him. His testimony has grown so much. We actually got to teach him twice.  On Tuesday he had his cousin and her boyfriend over to listen as well. They started contending a little bit with us, but Diego just ended up being the missionary and like totally defending the gospel and being a rock.   I felt kind of like a proud mom in that moment haha.  He is officially getting baptized next Saturday!  Diego and Ana both came to church on Sunday, and we ended up talking about the law of chastity in gospel principles class.  It was semi awkward because they are both single parents.  It actually was super great, and they both enjoyed the class. As for our other investigators, it has been hard to find and help people progress. We seem to find a new investigator, but then they are just not super interested or do not complete with their commitments and it is just been kind of tough. 

I have been fasting every single week and it has been helping me so much. I feel like I have grown closer to my Savior these past few weeks because of it.  On Friday we did an activity with our district where we went to the park and shined shoes for free and contacted. It was super cool!   There was these crazy preachers that came up to hermana Schmid and I and  started trying to contend with us and asking why we worshipped images(which we don't.., they just thought our contact card with a picture of Jesus on it was an image we worshipped haha). We ended up walking away because we did not want to contend but they ended up walking over to our shoe shining area and started screaming and preaching about how horrible the Mormons are. They pointed to hermana Schmid and I and were like THE LIARS AND ADULTERERS FROM THE UNITED STATES!  DON'T LISTEN TO THEM!! hahaha and they were like JOSPEH SMITH DIDN'T SUFFER FOR YOUR SINS! YOU SHOULDN'T CUT YOUR HAIR OR WEAR TIES! MORMONS WEAR TIES... AND THEY CUT THEIR HAIR! They did this for like two hours straight people. It was pretty crazy haha. Anyways, it was a great, fun filled week and I love you all! 

I know that our Savior lives and that He loves us all. He cares for us each individually and every sadness that we go through, He can help us overcome. I know that if we trust and rely more on Him, we will start to understand just how loving and merciful He is with us. He understands our weaknesses, and He knows how to make them strengths, if we humble ourselves before Him. The gospel is true!!

Love, Hermana Jensen

Free shoe shine!

Hanging up fliers for our English class

Ultimate Frizbee with a football

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