Friday, June 23, 2017

Week 39 - Huanuco, Peru official hump week (9 months)

June 12, 2017

Hey everybody!
This week was really great!  On Monday night we got a call from the sisters that are serving in Cayhuayna and they told us they had a super awesome reference for us!  We ended up contacting her that night and setting up an appointment for on Tuesday. Her ex-boyfriend is a less active in the ward over there and apparently he was a jerk, so she dumped him and came to live back with her mom in our area!  She has an adorable little 2 month old baby and is really really ready for the gospel. She accepted a date for her baptism and came to church this Sunday!  She really loved it, and had a lot of super great questions. Diego did not come which frustrated me.  He hasn't been consistent.  He is super awesome.  Sometimes I just wish he could make a bigger effort to come to church consistently every week.  But yeahhh people have their agency, and conversion is a process! I am hoping that he will still be able to make it to his baptism in the next couple weeks. 

On Wednesday we had a multi zone meeting and Thursday we had interviews and practices. A practice means we pretend to teach investigators aka other missionaries. I don't know why, but it makes me way nervous.  I feel that the zone leaders just sit there and judge you but heyyy it is all good haha. 

Friday my comp was not feeling good, so we headed to the clinic.  The doctor did like nothing to help her so that was pretty dumb. I really have about zero confidence in Peruvian doctors. 

Friday night we got to teach English class and it was super fun! Our investigator, Alex came who knows a ton of English and we taught people different ways to say hello, greet and say goodbye. 

Something super funny that happened this week.  We went to go see this couple named Bibiana and Fabio and showed them some of the Meet the Mormons movie. They are kind of an older couple and the part came up where the football coach is receiving some trophy or something from Obama in the white house. She just goes ahhh the sala sacramental.  Basically saying that she thought the football coach was in the sacrament meeting room receiving an award from his bishop. hahaha!  We laughed pretty hard over that one. 

I have been learning about and studying this week about grace. I think my biggest struggle I have faced on the mission is being a perfectionist. I have this desire to be a perfect missionary and if I don't do something right or if I don't have sufficient contacts or we don't have baptisms, I just beat myself up sooo much for it. I've realized that beating ourselves up for our weaknesses does nothing but bring us sadness. All that God asks of us is to try!  Perfection is not for this life.  Jesus Christ really makes up for the rest. If we do our part, if we try our best, if we repent, Christ makes up for what we lack. I am learning to trust more in Him, to love the weaknesses that I have, because those are the things that cause us to rely more on Him.   We truly can not make it through this life alone. I know that our Savior lives and I know that this is His church on earth. 

Love you all!!

Your favorite Peruvian missionary

Hermana Jensen

ps  Also this week we took a recent convert to the family history temple and helped him print off the name for his mom to take to the temple!  He is going in the next couple weeks to the temple for the first time and is taking his moms name to the temple :)

Oreo no bake cookies with Marcia, our pensions daughter

Also made pizza!

No bake oreo cookies

Watching church videos and playing Monopoly
Ana and her 3 month old baby
Multi zone meeting

Official hump day (9 months along - haha)

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