Monday, June 26, 2017

Week 41 - Huanuco

June 26th, 2017


This week I was blessed with lots of little miracles. My comp (hermana Schmid) went to Huancayo for a couple days for a leadership meeting and I stayed with an Hermana Jordan from Ecuador.  She is incredibly humble and has basically come from nothing. Her whole ward helped pay for her mission. She told me she showered in a bucket and used her clothes as a pillow. I also had to help her use the Internet last week because she doesn't know how.  We proselyted for a day, and she told me it was a day that she would never forget and that she loved me very much!   It made me feel good. We also watched Meet the Mormons, which she had never seen, and she loved it SO much. She has not watched very many movies in her life either.  

One day, we were in a lesson and I was feeling especially anxious, we came home for a second to go to the bathroom, and while my comp was in the bathroom, I opened my Book of Mormon to read a scripture to see if it would help. I opened to Moroni 8:2, that says "The Lord is mindful of you.." That phrase hit me very strongly, and I felt a warm peace come over me and that the Lord truly cared about me and was watching over me. It gave me the strength to push forward for the rest of the day. 

On another day, we were walking and we get a phone call from the elders from my first area in Mariscal Castilla. They told me that my investigator that I had taught there - Maria Isabel had her baptism that day!  She said that she was about to change and her one request was that she could call me right before her baptism! I got to talk to her on the phone and she sounded so happy! She thanked me for teaching her and loving her and for all that I had done to help her to be baptized. It was such a special moment to me and a confirmation that we do not always see those blessings of our labors right away. 

I am doing good, thank you for your prayers and support.  I know the mission is not easy, but I do my best to keep a good attitude and trust that the Lord will help me in every moment. Next week, we have changes, and President mentioned to me that I will probably be transferring so if I type late that will be why. I love you all so much. 

Love, Hermana Jensen

Tingo Maria

Hermana Schmid and I

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