Sunday, May 28, 2017

WEEK 33 - Huanuco

MAY 1, 2017


Another great week filled with lots of growing and helping the people of Peru come unto Christ. :) This week we got the amazing opportunity to go to Tingo Maria to do divisions,.  It is right in the middle of the amazon jungle, and it was BEAUTIFUL. We went on a bus and the first part is just like dry mountains, and then there was this part where everything just gets supper foggy and all around is just pure white. And then after like 10 minutes the fog lifts and all around you is just GREEN. Just pure trees and jungle all around you. We did divisions with the hermanas there, and I was with a hermana named Hermana Matos. We contacted a bunch because they are opening an area, so they still do not have too many investigators. We knocked a bunch of doors and we met this guy who is from Belgium, and has lived all over the world, but moved to Peru to the jungle to relax. It was way cool. 

I've heard it is usually extremely hot tin Tingo Maria, but it was actually raining and cloudy when we went so the weather was pretty nice just kind of humid. At night, they did not have beds so Pliler and I slept on this tiny mat thing and they had the fan blowing super hard, and we didn;t have blankets so lets just say we barely got any sleep haha. We woke up though and we went on a walk/jog mostly just to explore the scenery a little more. There is this part by their house where you are literally just right next to the jungle. Like just take a few steps and you are in the amazon. 

The people in Tingo Maria are very happy and fun.  When we went to their pension she hugged us so hard, and was just like so happy to meet us haha. I really hope I get to serve there one day! :P 

Last week, President talked to us a lot about obedience and we have really been trying to get better at being exactly obedient and God has really been blessing us. We have really wanted to find news, and one day we got 6! It was such an amazing blessing, and that was just in one day! I know that the Lord really can work miracles with us, we just have to be willing and show our obedience so that He can then trust us to do His work. Anther miracle I saw this week, was last Tuesday after district meeting, I felt so so tired. I just had zero energy to go to lessons, and we also had to help the elders move and I just really wasn't feeling it. I decided to pray for energy, because I have been obedient about getting the amount of sleep and exercising because I knew that if I was doing my part God would help give me energy. When we went to help the Elders move, all of the tiredness I had was GONE. It ended up being one of the days I have felt the most energy in all of my mission. Another amazing thing that happened is our investigator Diego is most likely getting baptized next Saturday!  He is a single dad, and he has just been so willing to make changes in his life. This week has really great, and I know that this really is the true church on the earth. I know that prayer is very real, it has helped me so much, and I know that God listens and loves us. 

Love you all! God is Good!

Hermana Jensen

Hermana Pliler and me

Tingo Maria

Our sleeping mats

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